LESSON PLANS for the Speech-Language Pathologist
To provide effective and efficient language therapy a lot of planning
must be involved. The first step is to know what normal language
development is all about. Below you will find very helpful links
regarding speech and language milestones and grade standards. As a
speech-language pathologist our first priority is to understand and
know normal language development. However, as a school based SLP
it is crucial to also know and understand the grade standards and your
school curriculum. When I first started working in the schools I felt
intimidated when communicating and collaborating with teachers. I
realized that I did not know the grade standards.

Lets face it we are speech and language pathologists, we are the
experts, the advisors. If we don't know the grade standards how are we
supposed to advise teachers on the best way to help their students
succeed in their classroom?

Speech and Language Milestones- I was very impressed by a guide that
linguisystems has developed. It provides standards on various aspects
of language such as concept development, vocabulary, Brown's
morphological stages. I found it to be a wonderful resource for an SLP.


Grade Standards
Common Core Standards
- Recently most states agreed to adapt the
common core standards, which are national standards.

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