There are many commercial games on the market, that all kids enjoy. Some of them
have a language component incorporated in the game. Some games are just fun,
and although they may not target your specific language goals, with some creativity
you can modify the game and add tasks of your own so that the students’ therapy
goals are met. Below is a list of fun and popular commercial games and some ideas
on how to modify them.

              Fun Games!

Many commercial games are just fun games. Although they don’t have language
component incorporated in the game, you can incorporate the language goals on
your own. You can use any
vocabulary or articulation list and have your students
define, makes sentences with targeted words before they get a turn in the game.
Vary the number of tasks a student must accomplish before they get a turn. To keep
the students interested in the game, and the momentum of the game going, give a
maximum of 5 tasks per turn. Give fewer tasks to your lower functioning or younger
students and maximize the number of tasks for older students or higher functioning

Say a sentence with…
What’s the opposite (antonym of…)
What means the same as…..
Multi-meaning words… Say two different sentences with…..
What does watch mean? What else can it mean?

Have an
articulation word list of targeted sound in front of your student. The student
has to say and check of 5 words from the list using his/her best sounds before
getting a turn.
If a student can not read, and you don’t have access to pictures of the target sound,
just have a word list in front of you and have the student repeat the words you want
them to say.
Sometimes you just need an ice breaker or a high interest game for your students so
they enjoy coming to speech and interacting with their peers in your class. Although
they don’t have any language tasks in it self, you can incorporate language goals in
various ways. Or you can use these games as positive reinforcement, students get to
play the last 5 minutes of the session if they do all their work.

                                      More Games
Possible language goals/Additional Info.
A to Z Jr.
Students will increase their categorization skills by
naming items in a given category.
Students will identify common objects when
provided with an oral description.    
-Students will identify common objects when
provided with an oral description.  
-Students will describe targeted words by using
various attributes (shape, color, texture, shape) of
targeted item.
Oodles of Doodles
-Students will increase their expressive vocabulary
by naming a given category using visual cues.   
-Students will categorize pictures appropriately.     
-Students will identify a given category when
provided with visual cues.
Students will use their problem solving skills to
name one or more ways in which given items are the
Monopoly Deal
(GREAT HIT!! Middle school
students LOVE it!)
Tip: You can just buy the deck
of cards without the shuffler.
Students will use problem solving skills to acquire
the correct combination of properties to win the
-Students will use their critical thinking skills to solve
oral riddles.
-Students will use attributes to describe given words.
-Students will increase their association skills by
providing appropriate association words for given
Students will identify and label body parts.
Great icebreaker, fun language game.
Students vote on how their peers would react or what
they would be in various situations.
(A three level monopoly  game)
Last Word
Loaded Questions
Password Jr.
Secret Square
Fib or Not
Guess Where?
Guess Who?
20 Questions for kids
Connect 4
Connect 4 by 4
Chutes N ladders
Magnetic Chess and Checker board
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