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The purpose of this site is to provide the school-based speech language pathologists  
interesting, easy to find resources that will help in lesson planning and implementing
appropriate therapy in an efficient way.
One of the biggest challenges for a school based speech-language pathologist is
managing a massive caseload and providing effective therapy to their students. School
based SLPs have the added challenge of servicing a lot of students in groups. It is not
an easy task planning and implementing an effective treatment plan to a group of
students. Furthermore, this task is complicated by limited time to plan effective
treatment, access to materials and time to research. The resources on this site are
meant to reduce stress in the lesson planning stage and finding interesting and
appropriate materials for your students.
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Although there are wonderful worksheets on the market today here is the reality about
worksheets. For the majority of school-based SLPs school resources are limited and vary from
school to school. Having access to a WORKING copy machine with PAPER is a luxury. Having
the TIME to plan which worksheets to copy and actually copy them is a luxury. Having the
MONEY to actually buy all those wonderful workbooks is a luxury. Furthermore, unfortunately
many students get easily bored with worksheets. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful
worksheets out there, and some students love them but  it's important to vary the materials you
use and how you use them to keep your students motivated.

You can play numerous games and either write the target words on the board or create your own
pile of cards based on these reference sheets.
Click here for game suggestions          

More tips coming soon!!!

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